Is Your Marketer Working For Your Competitor?

In an era where niche marketing companies are popping up and all media companies are "marketing experts", one has to think - who's really got me?

Who is working 100% passionately about my business? If you are not asking that question, then you should be. One size fits all NEVER works in marketing. NO, I can not serve your best interests while I am serving the best interests of your direct competitor.  Of course, we can offer services to competitors without a conflict of interest, and we do that. However, if we are managing your complete marketing strategy, we do not manage a marketing strategy for a direct local competitor.

In some cases, we will not take on a national competitor. 

We retain only a few full strategy clients so that each is properly represented by

our CEO, Jeff Turnbow. You may or may not require this level of service.

Just ask about this or we will certainly mention it during our meeting. In today's competitive world, it is most important to have someone focused on growing your

business, especially within your immediate market space. Perhaps most importantly,

make certain the very best strategist is working FOR YOUR COMPANY and not aiming at you everyday.  When we go to battle for our partners, you get our CEO, not our account rep. When we go into battle, we go fully armed and "winning BIG " is our only strategy

for you.

That's our stance. Let's discuss it: Call 501.505.6278

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