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Jeff Turnbow has been working with medspas / spas - growing their business well over 18 years and in many states across the USA. There is an art and science to successful marketing. Without a strategy, most are just hoping. Helping others obtain their goals is not his job, it's his passion! He is now an international speaker and best selling author - touring the world and speaking about how to turnaround or grow successful businesses. However, Jeff works closely AND EXCLUSIVELY with every single client!

How does a medical spa or spa dominate their market? Sure, there are hundreds of spa  marketing and advertising companies - all waiting to place you on the same ole template marketing program your competition was just offered. NOT HERE! Ask your rep if they have personally executed an entire strategy from receptionist to physician that grows 10's of thousands in monthly revenues month after month? Give you the Doc's name where they grew revenues over 40% YOY! Launching fast events raking in $55,000 in sales within ONE NIGHT! Or, how noticed a new Allergan marketing plan was ROBBING the medspa of local market share and quickly got it fixed. Yes, Turnbow once made a small town medspa one of the top Botox buyers in the state! But, that was over 15 years ago - Learn how to make your competitor seem obsolete and have everyone wanting to do business with you. Learn how to escape the same ole strategies being offered to your competition and get a a market exclusive partner with a proven strategy to make you #1. Often, these businesses do not need to increase their budget but simply apply the proper strategy and focus to their current budget.




You will get his marketing mastery and experience and never simply get passed off to an account rep.


Whatever it takes! Custom websites, social media marketing, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and custom marketing programs designed specifically for your Medical or MedSpa practice.


We understand that every business has unique needs, objectives and goals. We will work with you to determine your best go to market ideas that will distinguish you from your competition. After that, we will target your marketing with accuracy and deliver measurable results. When you are ready to get real results for your medical office or medical spa, then get the marketing expert hired by Universities, Top Media Companies, and The Largest Digital Marketing Conference Series in the World. Get the person who can show you how he actually got results for others and speak to his clients like Dr. Sadler in the video above. 

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