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We are consuming over half of content via video. As more and more video is consumed, what becomes more important? First, you MUST stand apart. Not only should the video get attention and convert viewers into action, but it starts in the first 3 seconds.  Can you interrupt and compel someone to action? That's where we excel and stand apart.  Meet our Executive Vice President of Content, Joshua Smith. Flexing is a requirement in today's rapidly changing content-driven world. If you can't stand apart, you cannot be successful.









Aside from driving our client's unique content delivery, Joshua and the team are currently shooting, editing, and creating a new brand - Interruptit.

What is that? First, it is a business reality show. Next, it is an influencer. Finally, Interruptit is a proprietary method of video creation and content marketing. FORBES is already calling it "a new genre of media innovation". Yes, THE FORBES.


We will position the brand in a tv/web video mini series under the same brand name. Pictured above, Joshua is flexing after shooting some amazing footage for our first episode inside America's Most Haunted Hotel. Creepy! but fun and revolutionary! 

What kind of video do you NEED? 

What kind of video do you WANT & What kind of video will get you RESULTS?

The answer to those questions could be surprisingly different.

The question is, don't we look like we produce content that commands results?

For some it is cinematic. For others it may be high action drone flying footage. For others it may be a carefully crafted series that looks absolutely RAW.

That's right. Google just released the following statement in May, 2019 -


"Slick video with high-production quality might have been the gold standard in the past, but online, much of the content people value most has a raw, authentic feel — and the most successful ads often mirror that approach. “The ads that always seem to pull me in are when someone is holding their phone and talking right at me down the camera about something I care about,” said Steven Bartlett, CEO at Social Chain Group."

Also, guess how much video is consumed with NO SOUND?

We will tell you - it will shock you!

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